About Apple Authenticate Structured Messages

This structured message provides a way to send an OAuth2 authentication request to the customer. See Channel capabilities to know on which channel you can use this structured message.


  • Set up OAuth URL and Token URL in "End User Authentication” on your Messages for Business Account.

Request Example

curl -X POST "https://[YOUR DOMAIN].api.digital.ringcentral.com/1.0/contents"
  "source_id": "<source_id>",
  "in_reply_to_id": "<in_reply_to_id>",
  "body": "Please Log In",
  "structured_content": {
    "type": "authenticate",
    "attachment_id": "<attachment_id>",
    "response_body": "Response"

Primary Parameters

API Property Type Description
source_id String ID of the source.
in_reply_to_id String ID of the message being replied to.
body String The authenticate structured content body.
structured_content Object Payload of the structured message.
Structured Content Settings
structured_content.type String Type of the structured message. Must be "authenticate".
structured_content.response_body String Optional. Field to be the body of the user’s response. If absent, default is the structured message body.
structured_content.attachment_id Object Optional. Existing attachment id used to decorate the authenticate structured message with an image.
Supports private attachments.
Should be jpg, jpeg or png.
Should be less than 5MB.


The customer will receive a message including the body and a button that will open the OAuth login page. Once authenticated, the token will be sent back by Apple and will be accessible through the Engage Digital webhook of the imported message in the "authenticate” part. The token is sent back. See following page for an example of the webhook payload format.

Webhook Payload Format

  "events": [
      "resource": {
        "metadata": {
          "body":"This is an authentication test",
          "thread_title":"Thread Title",
          "authenticate": {

Example: Apple Messages for Business (Apple Authenticate)

Nothing specifically unique as this is an Apple Messages for Business specific structured message type.