User Impersonation

All API requests accepts a impersonated_user_id parameter. This parameter allows you to overwrite the access token user by given user id.

Then all methods that use token’s user (interventions creation, contents creation, etc.) will use given impersonated user as user.

Note that if token’s user is unable to impersonate given user, an error will be rendered (400 HTTP code).


You have an access token with value 60576643bec4b6bd903232416ce5efad associated to user « John Doe ». If you create an new intervention comment, it will be created as « John Doe » author.

POST https://[YOUR DOMAIN] d=c157a79031e1c40f85931829bc5fc552

Then, if you want to create intervention comment as « Bill Murray », with id d3b07384d113edec49eaa6238ad5ff00, you just have to add impersonated_user_id parameter: